Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buddha.. The Invisible Light That Embrace The World!

Buddha.. The Invisible Light That Embrace The World!
(Touches of Light in the Sensitive Hearts to Peace and Love)

Sat down below of a tree, isolated of the world, he was in the limit of his resistance.
Then, he opened the spiritual eyes and saw the LIGHT in his heart, that there was awaiting his glance.
And he met and turned serenity and compassion.
He woke up!
It was the hour of *Buddha, man that was done LIGHT.
And the world would never again be the same, because, in the moment of his awakening, Buddha hugged the whole humanity, in spirit and silence.
The planetary breeze was flooded for myriad of beatific colors.
The LIGHT emerged in the ten directions.. And, through where went, All deva sang his name: Buddha.. Buddha.. Buddha..
The silent LIGHT kissed the soul of the world..
Today, in such disturbed days of violence and pain, that the men willingly remember of that sublime moment..
That they know that, in the silence between their thoughts and the beats of their hearts, there is a LIGHT awaiting a calm glance, without ego, to wake up one more Buddha.
Be made the LIGHT!
In all of the hearts, so that the pain is diluted in the awakening of the conscience..
So that, in the place of the existential emptiness, revive the LOVE.
That the secret kiss of Buddha wakes up Buddha inside of each one, so that the LIGHT is made, and the LOVE floods the existence of all beings.

Received By Wagner Borges.

*Buddha (From the sanskrit "Buddha": "the illuminated"):
it is that, that reaches the high state of conscience "Buddhi", the pure illumination.
It is that on whom "THE LIGHT LIGHTS." Inside of each heart there is a Buddha in potential.
It is enough to wake up for the LIGHT, that not only he lights the being, but, also, it "ascends" the level of conscience and compassion.
To turn Buddha is to laugh in the LIGHT.

*Deva of the sanskrit= divinities; celestial beings; angels.

Much light and love.
Om Mani Padme hum,
Om Shanti,

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