Sunday, May 29, 2011

Come! Fly With Me.. 'SPIRITUAL TRIP'

(The Song of Freedom of nonphysical protector)

Come, come with me..
Relax the body and loosen the mind..
Become calm feeling..
Think about the ocean, or in the sidereal vastness..
Oh, sleep smiling..

Remember some song..
Use the imagination, come unfastened!
Become an eagle; or a dolphin..
Leave your aura to expand, as a balloon..
Ah, float and let to take in the air..

Come, come with me..
The night is a child..
Become stars, or pyramid light..
Leave the body to rest..
Ah, you are much more than imagines..

You know: to sleep is not only to sleep!
It is also to dream, to diminish..
Become even one with you..
To fly, thereabout, equal free consciousness..
Ah, remember something good..

Come, come with me..
And give me your spiritual hand, with lightness..
Become luminous (you deserve).
Think: your spiritual body is light..
Ah, then that is of the purest light!

You know: to leave the body is not an escape..
It is regeneration of the spirit, for own nature..
Become more and more conscious of that..
Your home is the whole universe; come unfastened..
Ah, kill the longing and visit the spiritual friends..

Come, come with me...
The Invisible is as real as the visible..
Become crystalline love..
That your feelings are marvelous..
Ah, skirt then and come to give me a hug..

Come, come with me..
Wagner Borges.

Much light and love.

Om Shanti

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