Monday, October 28, 2013

Interdimensional existence.. The journey continues here and there..

Death doesn't change anyone, you only change of address, the consciousness is ejected permanently out of the cocoon with its flaws and qualities.. Life yes is a unique opportunity of change and transformation, so please, don't wait for death, live the fullness of who you are! Imperishable consciousness..


  1. Hi Dave, I'm the guy that bought your Samsung Galaxy SIII. The phone is still named, ha ha. Because you had .blog at the end I thought I would look up to see if you had a blog! How have you been? Found a job that you enjoy? I retired Jan 2013, bought a motorhome last year and my wife and I are going to set out on our journey across the US and Canada seeing sites and meeting new people. We should have a great experience and it will help us grow spiritually! Hope you are doing well my friend! ~Tom~

  2. Beautifully done! ~ we are Light !

    Find and connect with me on Instagram @Whitestar_enlighten ~ ~ Namste, WhiteStar