Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spirituality and Consciousness..

Spirituality is a state of consciousness; not a doctrine, no!

It is what it takes within the heart.. It is the insight into action..

It is love in profusion..

It is the light in the ideas and balance in the path..

It is the consciential value of joy in the Journey..

It is the appreciation of life and of all learnings..

It is more than only to live; it is to feel the life that pulses in all things..

It is to respect yourself, to respect others and nature..

It is to have the full notion that nothing ends in the death of the body;

..Because consciousness proceeds beyond, somewhere, in the eternity.. It is to know of that, with certainty, and not just to have faith in that.. It is that to live, with clarity, without weakening in the track..

It is a gift, for yourself, for others and for life itself.

Spirituality is bright in the eyes and light in the hands.. And that doesn't depend on this or of that doctrine; It just depends on your own spiritual awakening..

It depends on the consciential discernment to join the legal feelings, in the balance of own energies, in the actions of life.

Oh, spirituality is perennial quality; not lost nor won, just is!

It is internal value, that unseals the glance for the infinite.. Besides the conventional senses..

It is spiritual window that opens up, inside of yourself, to see the light that is in everything!

Spirituality is that marvel: the encounter with yourself, in peace.

Spirituality is to be happy, even if nobody understands why.. It's when you rejoice, just by being alive!

It is when your heart chacra opens like a rose, and you feel possessed by a love that is not conditioned on anything, but that loves everything..

It is when you nor knows how to explain because you loves; Only knows that you loves..

Spirituality doesn't depend on being on Earth or in Space; of being single or married; to belong to this or that place; or of having faith in this or in that; It is value of consciousness, achieved by own effort and do live to become healthy.

Spirituality is just that: TO BE HAPPY!

Or, as attested by the sages of old Celtic:

BE A GIFT! Wagner Borges

Much light and love

Om Shanti,


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Illuminating the hearts and the eyes..

..And Lowering the poor Emotions!
Love doesn't hurt anybody! What does badly distress is the illusory attachment..

Cheer up, my dear! These beautiful eyes cannot dilate, of so much you cry.. They need to shine again, in the good.. Someone brought you here, to read these writings..

Then, take advantage.. Wake up Baby! Enjoy!

Love is not a person; is a state of consciousness.. Exists by itself and dwells in your heart..

In fact, it already existed before you even, or of any being.. And it cannot be bought or manipulated..

If there is Price to pay, is not love, it is emotional bargaining.. And if it hurts or emotional blackmail, is anything, but love..

Take out the throw? Pondered well, girl?

When the Dad of the Sky made you, was not to see you sad.. Even more with a glance of those, too beautiful..

All that's missing in it that glitter of Joy, which reveals life..

No, be not embarrassed.. Just recover the radiance.. Love didn't leave..

It was just someone who broke (and it broke your heart). But love doesn't break; the one that breaks is the illusion, and deceives the heart..

Therefore, you don't need to join anything.. There are no broken, only deception..

Love is there, in yourself.. Get happy with that.. Ball forward.. And thank your spiritual guide, that brought you here, to wake you up.. And to the Dad of the Sky, that doesn't like sad eyes and ordered us to come here..

Now, go back to the body, girl.. See if you dreams little about LIGHT. And in the morning, when you wake up, that that glance is too beautiful..

Received spiritually By Wagner Borges.

Note By Wagner Borges:

I have no idea who is the girl who was brought to my apartment.. ..Just know that she lives here in the city of Sao Paulo and was designed out of your physical body.. During sleep.. In the middle of the night, by the action of your spiritual Guide..

It seems that they brought up here to receive, through writings, that playful energy of the friends of Company of Love.. Always full of lust for life.

Much light and love

Om Shanti,


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The SOUL is the Essence Of Everything...

Nothing is too far from you.. The distances!!! What are worth the distances?

Well you know that the distances Only exist for your body..

Your soul is near everything..

Better yet: your soul is in the essence of all of things..

Out of your body, nor the light, With its speed of three hundred thousand Kilometers a second would Equal the flight of your thought..

Although looks, everything will come within your reach..

There is no star that cannot call..

Moves your thought with absolute freedom..

Get accustomed to the high progressive flights.. Tries the height record..

Let it goes and come through the universe..

Every day, like this, best will see the lying appearance of your cage..

With the notion of your immaculate freedom.. Increase the anguish Of eternal possessions..

And there is, for sure, a possession which offers you to each instant and has no limits: The possession of God!

Accept it.

Amado Nervo Pseudonym of Juan Ruiz de Nervo Chrysostom, 1870-1919, Great Mexican poet. Much light and love Om Shanti, Dave

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Light and Consciousness.. Love and Presence..

There a subtle Light that doesn't have beginning or end, it is perpetual..

Exists independently of what men think about it..

It is in everything and operates in amazing ways, according to the superior purposes, always discreet and perennial..

This Light is pure love.. Never presses or judges someone..

In fact, as it could collect something, or judge, if it is pure lucid understanding?

Doesn't also obfuscate the eyes, because knows the level of each being's consciousness well..

It is incorruptible! One cannot buy it, or to find it out of yourself..

And will never be the way that the men imagine..

Doesn't arrive or leaves; Doesn't enter or exit; Just exists, as always..

But, when somebody finds it in the own heart, everything changes..

Then, nothing else will be as before..

Through where the conscience goes, your heart will see the Light; in itself, in others and in everything..

Some call that of spiritual illumination or Samadhi; other, of encounter with the divine..

However, the spiritual heart knows that there is no name for such conscience condition..

Therefore, he remains silent and loves quietly, knowing that there are things that are not explained..

Only felt, in spirit and truth..

Yes, he knows.. It was the Light who taught him to see the Whole, in everything! Wagner Borges Dedicated to Krishna. Much light and love

Om Shanti, Dave