Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Light and Consciousness.. Love and Presence..

There a subtle Light that doesn't have beginning or end, it is perpetual..

Exists independently of what men think about it..

It is in everything and operates in amazing ways, according to the superior purposes, always discreet and perennial..

This Light is pure love.. Never presses or judges someone..

In fact, as it could collect something, or judge, if it is pure lucid understanding?

Doesn't also obfuscate the eyes, because knows the level of each being's consciousness well..

It is incorruptible! One cannot buy it, or to find it out of yourself..

And will never be the way that the men imagine..

Doesn't arrive or leaves; Doesn't enter or exit; Just exists, as always..

But, when somebody finds it in the own heart, everything changes..

Then, nothing else will be as before..

Through where the conscience goes, your heart will see the Light; in itself, in others and in everything..

Some call that of spiritual illumination or Samadhi; other, of encounter with the divine..

However, the spiritual heart knows that there is no name for such conscience condition..

Therefore, he remains silent and loves quietly, knowing that there are things that are not explained..

Only felt, in spirit and truth..

Yes, he knows.. It was the Light who taught him to see the Whole, in everything! Wagner Borges Dedicated to Krishna. Much light and love

Om Shanti, Dave

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