Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spirituality and Consciousness..

Spirituality is a state of consciousness; not a doctrine, no!

It is what it takes within the heart.. It is the insight into action..

It is love in profusion..

It is the light in the ideas and balance in the path..

It is the consciential value of joy in the Journey..

It is the appreciation of life and of all learnings..

It is more than only to live; it is to feel the life that pulses in all things..

It is to respect yourself, to respect others and nature..

It is to have the full notion that nothing ends in the death of the body;

..Because consciousness proceeds beyond, somewhere, in the eternity.. It is to know of that, with certainty, and not just to have faith in that.. It is that to live, with clarity, without weakening in the track..

It is a gift, for yourself, for others and for life itself.

Spirituality is bright in the eyes and light in the hands.. And that doesn't depend on this or of that doctrine; It just depends on your own spiritual awakening..

It depends on the consciential discernment to join the legal feelings, in the balance of own energies, in the actions of life.

Oh, spirituality is perennial quality; not lost nor won, just is!

It is internal value, that unseals the glance for the infinite.. Besides the conventional senses..

It is spiritual window that opens up, inside of yourself, to see the light that is in everything!

Spirituality is that marvel: the encounter with yourself, in peace.

Spirituality is to be happy, even if nobody understands why.. It's when you rejoice, just by being alive!

It is when your heart chacra opens like a rose, and you feel possessed by a love that is not conditioned on anything, but that loves everything..

It is when you nor knows how to explain because you loves; Only knows that you loves..

Spirituality doesn't depend on being on Earth or in Space; of being single or married; to belong to this or that place; or of having faith in this or in that; It is value of consciousness, achieved by own effort and do live to become healthy.

Spirituality is just that: TO BE HAPPY!

Or, as attested by the sages of old Celtic:

BE A GIFT! Wagner Borges

Much light and love

Om Shanti,


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