Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The SOUL is the Essence Of Everything...

Nothing is too far from you.. The distances!!! What are worth the distances?

Well you know that the distances Only exist for your body..

Your soul is near everything..

Better yet: your soul is in the essence of all of things..

Out of your body, nor the light, With its speed of three hundred thousand Kilometers a second would Equal the flight of your thought..

Although looks, everything will come within your reach..

There is no star that cannot call..

Moves your thought with absolute freedom..

Get accustomed to the high progressive flights.. Tries the height record..

Let it goes and come through the universe..

Every day, like this, best will see the lying appearance of your cage..

With the notion of your immaculate freedom.. Increase the anguish Of eternal possessions..

And there is, for sure, a possession which offers you to each instant and has no limits: The possession of God!

Accept it.

Amado Nervo Pseudonym of Juan Ruiz de Nervo Chrysostom, 1870-1919, Great Mexican poet. Much light and love Om Shanti, Dave

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