Friday, May 22, 2015

Sri Aurobindo

If in the emptiness meaningless creation arose..

If of an unconscious force the matter was born..

If life can ascend in the unconscious tree..

And the green charm to penetrate in the emerald leaf..

And his beauty smile to blossom in the flower..

And the sensation can wake up in the tissue, nerve and cell..

And the thought to take over the gray matter of the brain..

And the soul from its hiding peek through the flesh..

How cannot the incognoscible light pounce on the man.. And unknown powers emerge of the sleep of the nature?

Even now, insinuations of a luminous truth as stars, rise in the splendor of the lunar mind of the ignorance;

Even now, the Lover's immortal touch felt, If the chamber door is just half-open..

What then can impede the whole of evading inward.. Or who can prohibit your kiss in the asleep Soul?

Sri Aurobindo

Much light and love

Om Shanti,


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