Sunday, May 9, 2010

Always TRUST..

Don't lose your faith among the shadows of the world..
Although your feet are bleeding, proceeds to the front, raising for celestial light, above you even..
Believes and works..
Strive for good and wait with patience..
Everything passes and everything rejuvenates on earth, but what comes from the sky will remain..
Of all the unhappy ones the more ill-fated are the ones that lost confidence in God and yourself..
Because the largest misfortune is to suffer the privation of faith and to continue living..
Elevates, therefore, your glance and walks..
Struggles and serves..
Learn and advance up.. Shines the dawn beyond the night..

Today, it is possible that the storm crumples you the heart and torment you the ideal..
..Goading you with the affliction or threatening you with the death..
Don't forget, however, that tomorrow will be another day..

Meimei - Spirit / Chico Xavier)
Much light And love.

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